"Through its products and its brand mission, bareMinerals is committed to helping women feel good about themselves, their community, and their impact in the world. Good for everyone, good for the world. 
In 1995, bareMinerals started the clean beauty revolution when they launched the best-selling mineral foundation. Since then, they have continued to create clean, cruelty-free makeup and skincare products that never compromise on performance. 
Project Objective
As a loyal customer of bareMinerals, I created a product website that highlights their mission statement and core values. This page is based around the skin-care product Clay Chameleon™ by bareMinerals. bareMinerals is a brand that features products that enhance a woman’s natural beauty.
To begin my process, I developed a moodboard that would accurately represent the brand. Incorporating a fully black and white color palette reflects the brand’s current image and also emphasizes the pores, lines, and imperfections of the model’s skin. Utilizing the color of the product as the primary call-to-action will help draw the user's eye throughout the page. The use of mixed font styles and fingerprint texture reflect how each consumer is unique in their own way. 
After establishing the aesthetic, I moved to wireframe sketches. Considering all aspects of the product such as the packaging shape, texture, color, and even smell, I was able to construct multiple ideas that mirrored that of the brand and its products.
Final Design
The final design positively reflects the brand's values by encouraging self-beauty. Keeping the site structure organized and creating white space will emphasize the refreshed feeling that consumers experience after using the product. The black and white color scheme accents the brand's image and spotlights the pores and imperfections of the model's skin. After watching the how-to video provided on the site, the images are viewed in color as it shows the users have truly embraced their inner beauty. 
My Learnings
Overall, this project pushed me to dive deep into research and find the underlying message of the brand. This was a great learning experience for me because it allowed me to further understand the brand and create a website that was fully focused on its strong values. ​​​​​​​

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